McInnis Cement expecting to start production in April 2017

McInnis Cement is a Canadian cement company with its corporate headquarters in Quebec, is building one of the largest cement plants in North America. The plant at Port-Daniel–Gascons, is one of the largest industrial projects currently under construction in eastern North America, is about to go live and start production in April 2017. On December 22, 2016, McInnis Cement announced the signing of an agreement with Gaspe railway corporation to transport 140,000 tonnes of cement, over a 5-year period, to various Canadian and U.S. markets.

McInnis Cement has also constructed a deep-water marine terminal, linking the Port-Daniel–Gascons plant to the Atlantic Ocean. The marine terminal will allow access to the import and export markets along the Eastern Seaboard. The terminal has already begun receiving raw materials and fuel through the newly constructed marine facility.