Halifax Operations Address:
Suite 20, 294 Cobequid Road,
Lower Sackville, N.S., Canada
B4C 4C5



Administration Address:
20 Newport Drive,
Fall River, Nova Scotia,
Canada B2T 1A4

Accounting Manager:
Mary Stoneman
Office tel/fax: 902-860-1622
Cell: 902-456-0415

Annual average cargo volumes:

Coal - 5 million metric tonnes • Bulk Gypsum - 4 million metric tonnes
Bulk oil - 2 million metric tonnes
Bulk Grain - 1/2 million metric tonnes • Break Bulk products - 1/2 million tonnes

The Administration office is located in Fall River, N.S. with operations offices and personnel located in Halifax, Canso Strait area, and Sydney, Nova Scotia.

All Agency representatives have a minimum of 10 years experience in all aspects of marine agency. Several have completed The Shipping Federation of Canada courses on Marine Transportation.

President: Jim Stoneman
Jim has more than 40 years experience in all aspects of Marine Agency, and has experience in vessel operating as well and has represented agency clients such as CSL for more than 30 years.

Jim Stoneman is active in the following industry associations:

The Shipping Federation of Canada – Chair of Board of Directors
The Shipping Federation of Canada – Chair of Nova Scotia District Committee
The Atlantic Pilotage Authority – Member of Board of Directors
The Mission to Seafarers – Past Chair and current member of the Board of Directors

The Shipping Federation of Canada is the main lobby group on behalf of the marine industry in Canada and represents industry with Canadian Federal Government departments and agencies on regulatory issues and government policy. Head office of The Shipping Federation is in Montreal, with a staff of 9 persons, with specialists in legal, customs, immigration, vessel marine operational matters and environmental and health and safety portfolios.

Jim Stoneman


Kevin Sinyerd

Halifax Representatives:

Ron Chipman


Sydney Agency Representatives:

Area Manager: Eddie Rafferty
Cell: 902-578-6105 Email:
Agency Rep: Colin Graham
Cell: 902-578-7879 Email:



Sydney Email:

Canso Email:

Sydney Operations Address:
45 Wabana Court
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Canada B1P 6J4

Canso Operations Address:
Suite 206, 811 Reeves Street
Port Hawkesbury, N.S., Canada
B9A 2S4

Banking details –
The Bank of Nova Scotia
1709 Hollis Street,
Halifax, N. S. Canada

USA Branch –
Bank Of Nova Scotia
Wall St. New York

Canso Agency Representatives:

Area Manager: Ed Rafferty: Cell: 902-578-6105
Agency Reps:
Philip Burden: Cell: 902-623-0957
Tyler Harker: Cell: 902-623-1129